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The Ruins of the Temple of Apollo and the Acrocorinth on the Background

Statues Unearthed in Ancient Corinth

Corinth was one of the most significant cities of the ancient Greco-Roman world. We would like to introduce you to this amazing city because Apostle Paul spent there 18 months during his second missionary trip preaching the good news and establishing the city’s first congregation. Those new believers were dear to Paul and he was constantly concerned for their well being. So he wrote at least three letters to them. Two of those letters were included to the Biblical canon. (1 Corinthians 5:9) There are things that Paul talks about on those letters that without understanding the history, geography and archaeology of the city we can easily miss.

We have spent endless hours reading, researching and visiting the Archaeological Site and the Archaeological Museum of the Ancient Corinth in order to be able to present it to you.

Take a
virtual tour through the scriptural interesting monuments and exhibits of the the Archaeological Site and Museum of Ancient Corinth. An experienced and mature JW guide will navigate you using videos and photos.


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The Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth