JW Bible Tours in Greece

In Paul’s Footsteps in Corinth


The Remains of an Ancient Shop with the Temple of Apollo on the Background

Type of Tour: Driving / Walking / Private / In-Person 

Duration: 10 hours

Languages: English / Greek


Your journey will begin in Athens when you will be picked up from your accommodation or cruise-ship in an air-conditioned vehicle. 

The Corinth Canal

Your first stop will be at the Corinth Canal, an engineering masterpiece of the 19th century.

Next, you will head to the archaeological site of Ancient Corinth, to be guided through the city where Paul spent one and a half years. You will discover characters of the Bible such as the Roman Erastus, the Jewish Sosthenes and the Roman emperor who fulfilled a Biblical prophecy. A plethora of other exhibits will help you to better understand the challenges the Christians of the 1st century faced.

The Bema or Judgement Seat

However, the most remarkable of all, you will stand in front of the Bema, which is believed to have been ”the Judgement Seat” where the Jews opposed to the Christian message brought Paul for a hearing before Proconsul Gallio. - Acts 18:12-17

Then, you will continue to Diolkos to learn about the ancient technology that made Corinth the 3rd most important city of the Roman Empire. 

Then you will take a break to rest while enjoying local dishes at a sea side restaurant. 


The Submerged Remains of the Ancient Cenchreae Port Facilities

Afterwards, you will drive to Cenchreae, the port where Paul had his hair clippped short due to a vow before sailing away for Syria accompanied by Priscila and Aquila. - Acts 18:18

After this very exciting journey through Biblical time, you will be dropped off at your accommodation or cruise-ship.

Participation Fee

€140/person*. Admission fee for the archaeological site (€8/person) and lunch fee are not included.

Transportation fee is included to the price.

Special prices for children.

* A minimum of two participants is required for the tour to be conducted. Tours of one participant can be conducted, on condition that the cost for two participants is covered.

If you wish to book a tour, you are kindly requested to send us an email. Your email should include simple information like your name, your congregation, the country of your residence, the tour of your choice, the desired tour date and the number of the participants. To send an email, please, click here.




The Lechaeum Road