JW Bible Tours in Greece

In Paul’s Footsteps in Athens


Type of Tour: Walking / Private / In-Person

Duration: 4 Hours & 8 Hours Versions

Languages: English / Greek / Italian


Journey back to the days of Ancient Athens and discover the places Paul walked.

You will meet your tour-guide outside the Thissio Metro Station to get some general information about the city. 

The Neighborhood of Plaka with the Acropolis on the Background

The Temple of Hephaestus

Then you will walk through the archaeological site of Ancient Agora, the cradle of democracy. There you will have the chance to visit the Temple of Hepheastus and the Stoa of Attalos. But the most remarkable of all, you will experience what feels like walking on the same “marketplace” where Paul’s “spirit became irritated on seeing that the city was full of idols. So he began to reason....with those who happened to be on hand”. - Acts 17:16, 17

Afterwards - depending on your pace - you will walk to Monastiraki Square, the heart of the modern city, to discover an ancient underground river, a Christian monastery and a Muslim mosque co-existing in the limited space of the square. Next, you will direct your steps to Hadrian’s Library, one of the most famous libraries of the Roman era. Then you will continue to the Roman Market built by Augustus Caesar who reigned over the Roman Empire during Jesus early life. - Luke 2:1

The Gate of Athina Archegetis at the Roman Market

The entrance to Areopagus

Then you will climb up to Mars Hill, also known as Areopagus where you will be able to stand at the site of the Court of Areopagus, where Paul was led by the ancient Athenians to explain himself for being a proclaimer of foreign deities; giving him the opportunity to deliver them his world famous speech. - Acts 17:18-34


End of the 4 Hours Version.

8 Hours Version As 4 Hours Version Plus the Following 

Next, you will walk along the streets of Plaka, the oldest and most charming neighborhood of Athens with its narrow streets, neoclassical houses, shops, restaurants, and ruins of the Roman era.

Then you will take a break to rest while enjoying lunch.

Picturesque street at Plaka

The Parthenon on top of the Acropolis

After lunch, you will climb up to the Acropolis to discover ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance, including the unique Parthenon at the top of the hill, which also consists a UNESCO Heritage Site. Upon there, you will also be able to admire the most stunning views of the city!

After the Acropolis, you will visit the Lysicrates Monument for an acquaintance with the Oscars of the antiquity.

Finally - depending on your pace - you will head to Panathenaic Stadium originally constructed in the 4th century B.C. entirely from marble. Its history is directly related to the Modern Olympic Games and it is also the finishing point of the Athens Marathon - the authentic.

The Panathenaic Stadium

The Lysicrates Monument

Participation Fee

4 Hours Version: €60/person*. Admission fee for the archaeological site (€10/person) and refreshments are not included.

8 Hours Version: €100/person*. Admission fee for the archaeological sites (€30/person), refreshments and lunch fee are not included.

Special prices for children.

A minimum of two participants is required for the tour to be conducted. Tours of one participant can be conducted, on condition that the cost for two participants is covered.


If you wish to book a tour, you are kindly requested to send us an email. Your email should include simple information like your name, your congregation, the country of your residence, the tour of your choice, the desired tour date and the number of the participants. To send an email,  please, click here.